Disambiguation: X, XX, and XXX

A while back I had to explain to someone that Jeff Beck and the 90’s-alt Beck were two different people. Artists with the same or similar names can be hard to keep track of, so here I’ll clear up the difference between the many combinations of x’s: 


- X was probably the Los Angeles punk band of the ‘77 punk movement. “Los Angeles” is their biggest hit. 

- “X to the Z” refers to West Coast rapper/ride pimper Xzibit. If you’re lucky, X might put an aquarium and fold-up air hockey table in your ‘92 Honda Prelude.

 The element symbol for Xzibit

- X is recognized by the MPAA as a rating for explicit movies. The MPAA does not recognize XX or XXX but some reviewers like to use those ratings anyway. Movies like Midnight Cowboy and the original issue of A Clockwork Orange were rated X.

- An alternate issue of QOTSA’s “Rated R” album

- and X is a drug (ecstasy).

 (that’s really a smint)

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- A ‘chill’ hipster band. To me the xx is relaxing background music. To be fair, I haven’t listened to them all that much, so I can’t really evaluate whether I think they’re good. However I think it’s safe to call them “background music” cuz when I saw them perform at Lollapalooza my friends and I talked through their entire set.

- A beer endorsed by the Most Interesting Man in the World.

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- xXx is a movie starring Vin Diesel

- xXx: State of the Union is the sequel starring Ice Cube

- A fake movie rating used for really racy movies or hardcore porn.

- XXXO was one of the only decent songs from M.I.A.’s last album

X - Los Angeles

70s west coast punk.

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