Drowned in Sound’s Exclusive Interview with The Raveonettes about Their New Album


Sune Rose Wagner on the album’s title Pe’ahi:

DiS: The album’s called Pe’ahi. Where does the title originate from?

Sune Rose Wagner: The title is actually a Hawaiian word. It’s a big, famous surf break off the shore of Maui. It only comes to life during the winter months. It’s a scary place even for professional big wave surfers. We used that as the title because the album has a lot of references to surf culture. Musically there’s a lot of surf guitar sounds in there. But used in very different ways to the traditional surf record sound. There’s also a lot of references to surf language and beaches in the lyrics but again used in a very different context. It was a challenge to try and channel some of the inspiration I found - especially the surf history of Southern California - but not in an obvious way. A guy once referred to our band very early on in our career as being what it would sound like if you went surfing in the rain. It’s a pretty good analogy which I always thought made a lot of sense. So in essence I guess that’s what we sound like which is why we used a lot of the references, and Pe’ahi is also a dangerous place. And not just for surfers either. It’s also become a hangout for the disenchanted. I went to Maui recently and people there advised me not to go down to Pe’ahi, even in summertime. Some pregnant girl was murdered there not long ago so it all kind of makes sense with the title because I always want that to have a certain theme to it. Which is why we put the knife on the cover of the record.

Ken Boothe – “Let’s Get It On”

A sexy reggae version of an already sexy song. I think the reggae slowness and sensual/soul vocals really up the sauciness.

There’s some gold in the Ken Boothe catalog; I’ll post more of his stuff soon.

"Let’s get it owww-oooh-on"

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Boards of Canada – “Reach for the Dead”

After two hours of sleep, I left for the Oakland Airport at 5 AM. Naturally I was a mess because I slept just two hours. So was my mom, as she hates to fly. We arrived at the airport and went straight to the airport’s Chili’s bar and had bloody marias (that’s the tequila version) to pass the time.

I had an “Airplane” playlist ready for the flight. We boarded the plane. My mom and I took some sleeping pills. My legs began to feel quite light as the plane took off. Just then, “Reach for the Dead” came on. It was track two; I awoke at track 9.

This album, “Tomorrow’s Harvest,” is great airplane music.

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Kevin Dillon and Johnny Drama’s iTunes Celebrity Playlists

Johnny Drama Chase’s Picks’ Celebrity Playlist
  • 1. “The Final Countdown” by Europe: “I owe my guns to this song.”
  • 2. “Fight for Your Right” by Beastie Boys: “If I went to college this totally would have been my anthem.”
  • 3. “Used to Love Her” by Guns N’ Roses: “So does she.”
  • 4. “Summer Of ‘69” by Bryan Adams: “Was the theme song of the movie of the week I did with Mark Harmon.”
  • 5. “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails: “Great for getting freaky.”

Kevin Dillon’s Playlist’s Celebrity Playlist
  • 1. “Burning Love” by Elvis Presley: “At my Vegas wedding, Jerry and Kevin were there singing along.”
  • 2. “Brain Stew” by Green Day: “Rockin’ beat – play it loud!”
  • 4. “Amoreena” by Elton John: “Dog day afternoon, baby.”
  • 5. “Scuttle Buttin’” by Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble: “Me and my brothers would jam out to this in my basement.”
  • 6. “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin: “The best ever.”
  • 7. “Jambalaya (On the Bayou)” by Hank Williams: “I kill it in karaoke!”
"Not in my town. Not in any of my five towns."

The Entourage movie should be coming out in the summer of 2015!

Honeyblood – “Killer Bangs” (video)

Killer single from Honeyblood. This song is a good wake-me-up.


Stream it above. Read more about it at Pitchfork:


Also, you can buy the album at The Raveonettes’ web store:


Check out this incredible-looking (but quite expensive) transparent 180-gram special edition vinyl that “COMES IN A SEA-FOAM COLOURED LIQUID FILLED SLEEVE.” What awesome colors:

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"The hope of being relieved gives him the courage to suffer"

— Marcel Proust, whose birthday it is today.

Katy Perry – “Dark Horse” (ft. Juicy J)

After extensive research, it has been found that there are no good remixes of this song. It looks like we’ll have to settle for the original trappy version, which is pretty good, even with its unremarkable rap verse.

This video shows that Katy Perry can wear anything (even covered head to toe in some gnarly, clashing cotton candy tones) and still be incredibly, incredibly seductive. Like Cleopatra.

Lastly, if we can call the style of some recent artsy movies neon-noir (such as the movie Drive), then we can call this style cotton candy-blanc.
Perry’s “Dark Horse” video reminds me of the movie Stargate (1994) with its imaginative, retro-futuristic take on ancient Egypt.

I’m teaching myself how to do dance like Thom Yorke. #doyoownthang

I’m teaching myself how to do dance like Thom Yorke. #doyoownthang

ZZ Top – “Just Got Paid”

A monster riff (even if you don’t like riffs you should listen to this one) with a swagger. ZZ Top had some killer guitar tones and catchy riffs.

Mastodon does a cover of this song that’s pretty true to the original:


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Kyla La Grange – “Get It”

Here’s another track I like from Kyla La Grange’s latest album Cut Your Teeth. To me it sounds like a cross between Bat for Lashes and a tame version of The Knife.

Also, the website 1833.fm in a post about a remix of La Grange’s “The Knife” came up with the phrase “island house” to describe that remix’s sound:


I think that description could for for remix and non-remix versions of Cut Your Teeth tracks. It’s a cool, hip vibe that is perfect for the summertime.

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Paul Gauguin Playing the Harmonium in Mucha’s Studio, c.1895 by Alphonse Mucha

Paul Gauguin Playing the Harmonium in Mucha’s Studio, c.1895 by Alphonse Mucha

A new song from Yelle, “Bouquet Final”

Here’s a new lyric video straight from Yelle’s website.

Oscar Straus – “Der Reigen” (La Ronde)

This waltz was the main theme in Max Ophüls’ killer movie La Ronde (1950).

The story takes place in Vienna around the year 1900. It starts off with an affair between a woman of the night and a soldier. Then the soldier has an affiar with someone else, and that person has an affair, and so on. Basically, it’s not a love triangle but instead a love nonagon (nine-sided figure). It’s all told by the narrator (or raconteur, as listed in the credits) played by the cool bro Anton Walbrook.

As my coworker said, “It’s a Criterion so you have to see it.”


Preview the new La Roux album


Click on the buttons at the top of the home page to hear the tracks off La Roux’s upcoming LP Trouble in Paradise

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