Interpol - Live on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic 2014 (Full Concert)

from the Youtube page:

Interpol’s full performance live at the iconic Mack Sennett Studios in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles on August 29, 2014.

01. 00:25 “Say Hello To The Angels”
02. 04:43 “Evil”
03. 08:22 “C’mere”
04. 11:29 “Hands Away”
05. 14:42 “Breaker 1”
06. 18:49 “Lenght Of Love”
07. 23:09 “My Desire”
08. 28:11 “Not Even Jail”
09. 34:12 “Anywhere”
10. 37:34 “Same Town, New Story”
11. 41:24 “Take You On A Cruise”
12. 46:58 “All The Rage Back Home”

Read an interview with Interpol on KCRW’s website:

I had this one stuck in my head today. The drums propel this otherwise languid tune along.

Good album opener this.

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Monty Python’s Summarize Proust Competition (uncensored)

If you know a little bit about Marcel Proust, the author who wrote the 3000+ page novel In Search of Lost Time (À la recherche du temps perdu) then you’ll find this Monty Python skit a hoot. Especially the part where contestant #1 is asked his hobbies, to which he replies: strangling animals, golf, and masturbating. And the announcer says, “He must have let himself down a bit on the hobbies. Golf isn’t very popular around here.”

The SWTCH music connection: at 3:15 a choral society sings about Proust’s work:

Proust in his first book wrote about, wrote about,Proust in his first book wrote about, wrote about,
He wrote about, he wrote aboutProust in his first book wrote about (finishing bell)

The winner is my favorite part.

Nirvana’s album cover for Bleach, with inverted colors
(by SWTCH)
here’s the original:

Nirvana’s album cover for Bleach, with inverted colors

(by SWTCH)

here’s the original:

"How these special shorts saved LCD Soundsystem’s drummer from stage fright"

An excerpt from Emily Spivack’s new book Worn Stories:

Pat Mahoney’s shorts, as on

Spoon – “Do You

The recent Spoon single is massive

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Cat Power – Manhattan (official video)

Chan Marshall takes a stroll through the borough. She even reaches up and touches a streetlight.

Cat Power will be touring:

09-26 Tucson, AZ - Rialto Theatre
09-28 Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA
09-29 Santa Cruz, CA - The Catalyst
10-01 Olympia, WA - Capitol Theatre
10-02 Vancouver, British Columbia - Vogue Theatre
10-05 New York, NY - Modern Sky Festival
10-06 Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club
10-08 Toronto, Ontario - Danforth Music Hall

Tour news from:

Nine Inch Nails – “Survivalism

It’s funny how you can wake up with a song in your head, and you haven’t even heard that song in years. That’s what happened to me this morning with this NIN single from 2007. Behind the angst and NIN-iness lies a catchy little riff and boop-boop-beep sequence that sticks in your head.

Fun stuff.

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Chelsea Wolfe – “Feral Love” (official video)

Man, this lady is rad. “Feral Love” is the opener on Wolfe’s 2013 album Pain is Beauty, which I’ve seen described as “goth-folk.” I’m not sure if that’s the proper label, but alls I can say about it is that it’s some really catchy, and pretty, dark pop. And I love the middle-eastern inflections at around 2:45 of this video.

The whole Pain Is Beauty album is rad. If you like this song, be sure to check it out.

"I don’t write music, I invent it."


(quotation found in Paul Arden’s book It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be (2003 Phaidon Press)

Brody Dalle plays “Don’t Mess with Me” live on Letterman

"Don’t Mess with Me" is a single from Dalle’s 2014 album Diploid Love.

Dalle is one of my favorite women in music, up there with Blondie and Annie Clark.

Sizzla – “Run Out Pon Dem

Here’s a pretty nuts track from Sizzla. You might recognize da riddim from Sean-a Paul’s “Temperature.”

I found this track on Andy Milonakis’ iTunes celebrity playlist. Milonakis wrote of the track:

"Sizzla is one of the best reggae artists of all time, this song is so hyper and crazy that when I play it in my friends car I usually wind up smacking him in the face and causing a 20 car accident. When everyone involved the accident hears the sweet applause riddim they get out of their cars and start dancing on their broken limbs."

Here’s a link to the playlist:

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From page 1 of Morrissey’s “Autobiography”

Past places of dread, we walk in the center of the road, looking up at the torn wallpapers of browny blacks and purples as the mournful remains of derelict shoulder-to-shoulder houses, their safety now replace by trepidation. Local kids ransack empty houses, and small and wide-eyed, I join them, balancing across exposed beams and racing into wet black cellars; underground cavities where murder and sex and self-destruction seep from cracks of local stone and shifting brickwork where aborted babies found deathly peace instead of unforgiving life.

Morrissey, the only living author to be published under the Penguin Classics imprint. As Wikipedia noted:

The book is not divided into chapters and its opening paragraph lasts four-and-a-half pages.


I’ve never been a huge fan of Lavazza espresso, but I may have to revisit it.
Image posted by the band Cosmetics:

I’ve never been a huge fan of Lavazza espresso, but I may have to revisit it.

Image posted by the band Cosmetics:

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The Album Cover to Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures”

I found this image while reading a book on Italian graphic design:

imageThis image is similar to the cover of Joy Division’s 1978 album Unknown Pleasures:


On the album cover design, Wikipedia has the following:


Author Chris Ott stated that the album title was likely a reference to Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past.[15]

Peter Saville, who had previously designed posters for Manchester’s Factory club in 1978, designed the cover of the album.[16] Morris chose the image used on the cover, which is based on an image of radio waves from pulsar CP 1919, from The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Astronomy. Saville reversed the image from black-on-white to white-on-black and printed it on textured card for the original version of the album.[10]

This image became well-known, featuring on t-shirts (even parodied by a quickly-withdrawn Disney shirt[17]). When reviewing the 2007 remastered version of Unknown Pleasures, Pitchfork Media critic Joshua Klein described the cover art as “iconic”.[18] Susie Goldring, reviewing the album for BBC Online said, “The duochrome Peter Saville cover of this first Joy Division album speaks volumes. Its white on black lines reflect a pulse of power, a surge of bass, and raw angst. If the cover doesn’t draw you in, the music will.”[19]

The inner sleeve features a black-and-white photograph of a door with a hand near the handle. It was some years later before Saville discovered that the photograph was Hand Through a Doorway, a well-known picture by Ralph Gibson.[16]

Could it be that the album cover was inspired by Pino Tovaglia’s piece? Chi lo sa’.

Here are some links to websites on Pino Tovaglia (in Italiano):