Francoise Hardy


Francoise Hardy

The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (whole album; 2009 mono remaster)

I posted this album to celebrate the newly remastered Beatles vinyl that was sourced from the original analog tapes. Until now, all remasters since the 1980s have come from digital sources. Supposedly these new mono mixes on vinyl sound splendid.

Read more about the vinyl here:

"You’ve never heard The Beatles sound like this before:

The latest round of Beatles LPs are pure, unadulterated analog — and sound better for it!”

Sgt. Pepper’s, or as some bros call it, Pepper or just Pep is my favorite Beatles album along with Revolver. If you’re a Beatles fan and you haven’t revisited those in a while, you should.

San Francisco news: Plans for a new piazza in North Beach



"I see it as a literary meeting place, not only for North Beach but for the whole city, where poets and writers can get together and sound off," [Lawrence Ferlinghetti] added, noting that such a space could serve as a toehold for the written and tangible word in a world increasingly obsessed with the digital.

However, the driving force behind the Piazza St. Francis, the Poets’ Plaza, neighborhood icon Angela Alioto, a former city supervisor, says that funds can be found.

The money is on its way, she says, and with it, colored marble from Italy to replace the concrete and gravel.

"I am very optimistic that the piazza will be done by 2015," Alioto told The Examiner from Italy, where she was last month marble shopping before returning to The City to begin a round of fundraising that will continue through the fall.

Upcoming Concerts in San Francisco

9/22 The Raveonettes (Bimbo’s)

9/26 Hercules & Love Affair (Mezzanine)

9/26 Andre Nickatina (Slim’s)

10/4 DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist (Mezzanine)

10/5 Minibosses (Bottom of the Hill)

10/8 The King Khan & BBQ Show (Great American)

10/15 Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine (Bimbo’s)

10/25 Charli XCX (Slim’s)

11/3 Courtney Barnett with some other people (Fillmore)

11/17 Death From Above 1979 (The Independent)

11/21 Seu Jorge (Bimbo’s)

12/14+15 Johnny Marr (The Independent)

12/29 A John Waters Christmas (Great American)

12/31 Cut Copy New Year’s Eve Party (Mezzanine)

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Major Label/Big Indie Albums Coming Out this Autumn

Taken from the article:

Interpol – El Pintor (out now)

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga – Cheek to Cheek (Sept. 23)

Prince – ART OFFICIAL AGE (Sept. 30)

Charlie XCX – Sucker (Oct. 21)

Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways (Oct. 21)

Dillon Francis – Money Sucks, Friends Rule (Oct. 28)

She & Him – Classics (Oct. 28)

Taylor Swift – “Shake It Off” (official video)

Here’s a catchy new T-Swift number co-written and -produced by the Swedish hit machine Max Martin. You might recognize Martin’s other work from lesser-known bands such as Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Britney Bitch, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, K€$ha, etc.

I like this one… one dog’s going one way, the other dog’s…

No really though, I like how the chorus creeps up on you. At first listen it’s like, Wait is that the chorus? A pre-chorus? Or is that the chorus?

But then (what has to be) the bridge comes on, and you think, Wow, that’s a subversive little chorus right there. And Taylor Swift is extremely easy on the eyes.

Catchy stuff. Happy Monday.

The Isaac Hayes Movement plays “Disco Connection” live (1975)

In this video Hayes orchestrates and plays keys in this massive instrumental filled with strings, keyboards, and horns. Onlookers in the background are groovin.

I believe this is the single version which clocks in at around three and a half; the album version runs six+.

La Roux – “Kiss And Not Tell” (official video)

This video has lots of sexiness, bold colors, and really cool vintage telephones. La Roux is a cool lady.

She’ll be playing at The Fox in Oakland on September 22nd. Check out the full tour schedule here:

Old soul still sounds so smooth
(photo by SWTCH)

Old soul still sounds so smooth


(photo by SWTCH)

Daft Punk – “Get Lucky” (Drop Out Orchestra Edit)

I heard this version (which is better than the original) at a Friday night party at the de Young museum in San Francisco. That weekend I emailed the party’s deejay, Deejay MyKill ( and I asked him, which remix was that?!

He responded that is was the Drop Out Orchestra edit. This version house-ifies the track, taking most of the bad parts out (the verse lyrics and the chorus lyrics) while leaving the chords and the vocoder bits. They added some bangerz drums and a bit of strings to boot.

Now that the moon dust has settled, I think many of us can agree that Random Access Memories was nowhere near as cool as it could have been. As DFA/Juan Maclean/Shit Robot/LCD Soundsystemer Nancy Whang mentioned in a recent interview:

[The L Magazine’s Jeff Klingman:] With that latest Daft Punk record, there was a lot of talk of “disco’s back!” and it made me sort of roll my eyes, having listened to 10 years of DFA singles.

[Nancy Whang:] I had high hopes for that record. I really wanted it to be…better. [laughs] Because I knew what they were trying to do. I thought, “This is amazing! This would be great for me, great for DFA, great for all my friends.” Because Daft Punk is huge and they’re irrefutable. So, I was like, “They’re going to draw attention back to old disco records! That will bring back live-playing to dance music! Analog synthesizers! A more warm, live, present and involved way of making and playing music!” And so I was really super disappointed with that record.

Read the full interview from The L Magazine, titled Nancy Whang’s Existential Disco Dilemma”

Julian Casablancas+The Voidz – “Where No Eagles Fly” (official video)

I find most music videos to be pretty uninteresting. Casablancas’ new video is pretty rad though. Grainy camcorder-style footage around New York matches up with the fuzzy, Joy Division/no-wave intro that builds up to a heavy tune.

Check out the Hitchcock/Vertigo effect at 1:40.

JC+TV’s new album Tyranny comes out September 23rd.

From Spring Breakers: James Franco and the girls sing Britney Spears’ “Everytime” with a white grand piano by the ocean.

As is the case with many moments from this movie, this scene is a “what the hell?”-kind of moment that, in retrospect, makes sense. This scene is one of my favorites out of the whole movie, aside from when James Franco has a Gatsby-like moment and tries to impress women by throwing his money and guns in the air, jumping on his bed and repeating, “Look at all my shit! Look at all my shit!”

I enjoyed this movie. Not just for the females in bikinis. It was legitimately weird, in a good way.

Spring Break Bitches!

The Rotten Tomatoes reviews of the movie:

Intro to the 2012 movie The Comedy

This hell of a scene features James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem), Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, and more, all spitting beer on each other.

I really like the song, which is “Baby” by Donnie & Joe Emerson. Read about the lost 1979 album here:

RiFF RAFF says, “My main goal is to blow up, then act like I don’t know nobody,” then he laughs. I really enjoy RiFF RAFF’s vines, and RiFF RAFF in general.

(found by Jason)

Interpol - Live on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic 2014 (Full Concert)

from the Youtube page:

Interpol’s full performance live at the iconic Mack Sennett Studios in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles on August 29, 2014.

01. 00:25 “Say Hello To The Angels”
02. 04:43 “Evil”
03. 08:22 “C’mere”
04. 11:29 “Hands Away”
05. 14:42 “Breaker 1”
06. 18:49 “Lenght Of Love”
07. 23:09 “My Desire”
08. 28:11 “Not Even Jail”
09. 34:12 “Anywhere”
10. 37:34 “Same Town, New Story”
11. 41:24 “Take You On A Cruise”
12. 46:58 “All The Rage Back Home”

Read an interview with Interpol on KCRW’s website: